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Setup a customized salon, spa or beauty clinic loyalty program tailored to bring your customers back with digital rewards, membership, engagement & more. Build better customer relationship and see your business grow!
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TADA is trusted by some of the world's best-known brands

Exclusive & Dedicated

TADA is a loyalty platform tailored specifically for the beauty industry to assist spas, salons and clinics in growing their business. TADA provides beauty businesses an easy loyalty, membership and digital rewards solution to make customer retention easier and ultimately to grow their business.

Exclusive and dedicated - Build your loyalty program as simple or advanced as you wish, we will tailor a program according to your requirements.

Create Digital Loyalty Program Easily! 

- No need to develop your own complex software
- Create your own app or integrate our platform with your website, your existing app
- Seamless across offline, online or social commerce channels 

Your Brand. Your Program.

Design your custom loyalty program to keep bringing your customers back.

Digital Loyalty Memberships

Create digital membership tiers that motivate customers to spend more and achieve the highest rank.
Encourage repeat visits
Increase your average customer spend
Hear feedback and reviews from customers

Referrals From Customers

Incentivise your customers to refer their friends and family to your brand and watch your revenues soar!
Turn customers into your brand advocates
Increase brand awareness and word-of-mouth sales
Incentivize customers to share your content online

Paid Membership

Offer subscriptions where customers can pay regularly in advance of receiving a product, service or discount. 
Gain recurring revenue streams
Get upfront cashflow and revenue
Prevent customers from switching to rivals

Customer Analytics & Insights

Get deep insights into how your loyalty platform is performing - with dashboard, analytics and marketing automation.
Understand and target your customers better with data-backed profiles
Compare how different stores are performing
Send targeted promotions via email, SMS & push notifications

See how Haircode increased customer loyalty with TADA

Gained 33,800 loyal members in just 9 months
Grew more than 300,000 members in 3 months
Gained revenue from referral as much as 2x their ROI
Secured 60% of revenue from loyal members
Acquired and retained 16.000 members in a year

Complete flexibility to suit your needs

We work with everyone - from brick-and-mortars to small brands to multinationals
No need to develop your own complex software - we are an all-in-one solution!
Get everything set up within days, not months!
Integrate our platform with your website, your existing app and/or in a new app
One low monthly fee based on your needs
Suitable for most businesses
Fully branded

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No obligation to join, just a friendly chat about ways you can retain more of your customers.