We can help your business to double your profit per customer

We go #BeyondLoyalty. Our platform helps you retain customers longer using memberships, subscriptions, referrals, digital rewards & more.
No obligation to join, just a friendly chat about ways you can retain more of your customers through our retention platform

Trusted to boost customer retention by most of the worlds biggest brands

Are you ready to retain more of your customers?

Learn how TADA can help your company

What is TADA?

TADA is a customer retention platform. We help businesses to double their profit per customer via membership, subscription, referral and digital rewards. We go #BeyondLoyalty.

How does it work?

We provide a personalized business assessment and product demo to identify the specific ways your brand can boost customer retention to double your profit per customer.
Once we have found the right solution for you, we work with you to integrate our customer retention platform and get you up and running!

Digital Membership & Subscriptions

Create digital membership tiers that motivate customers to spend more and achieve the highest rank.
Encourage repeat visits/purchases
Turn customers into loyal subscribers, and one-off transactions into relationships
Gain predictable upfront recurring revenue streams
Take market share from rival brands
Increase your average customer spend

Referral & Reseller

Encourage customers to refer their friends and family to try your brand in return for e-vouchers, points or rewards.
Get your most loyal customers to sell your products for you
Incentivize customers to share your content on social media
Increase brand awareness and word of mouth sales
Turn customers into advocates using a variety of e-vouchers, points or reward incentives

Digital Rewards Catalogue

Integrate a powerful rewards program that uses digital and physical gifts to incentivize customers to come back.
Boost cashflow by selling e-gift cards
Encourage higher spends with points or rewards
Offer a variety of rewards to motivate any customer

Customer Analytics & Insights

Get an overview of how your loyalty platform is performing, with insights, analytics and marketing automation.
Understand your customers better with data-backed profiles
Compare how different stores are performing
Send targeted promotions via email / SMS & push notifications

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No obligation to join, just a friendly chat about ways you can retain more of your customers.
A Customer Retention Platform (CRP) That Helps Businesses to Double Their Profit Per Customer
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Information on our data

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