The average employee exit costs 16% to 213% of their annual salary.

Research suggests that employees leave when they feel disengaged, invisible, and do not feel aligned with the organization’s culture. While the real cost of losing an employee is undeniably high, companies can reduce recruiting costs and enjoy greater returns on employee training by focusing on employee retention.

Tada helps leaders of modern organizations, operating in a digitally-connected world and hybrid work environment, to creatively engage with and retain their key talents.

Tada’s data-driven employee engagement platform is an advanced technology that aims to facilitate leaders in engaging, recognizing and rewarding their employees in the most timely, effective and efficient ways, ensuring that the organization moves in unison and achieves its optimum growth.
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Win the hearts and minds of your employees now through a unique digital employee retention program.

Celebrate work anniversary & birthdays
Recognize achievers
Spread happiness & best wishes

A digitally-connected rewards program to help build and nurture a winning company culture.

Constantly engage and develop a lasting relationship with each and every one of your individual talent.

Payment and purchase at your office’s facilities
Employee Referral Program
Daily Check In
Share Job Vacancy
Employee Feedback
Watch Video
Application Form
Event Reservation

Reward your key talents

Employee acknowledgement and rewards at your fingertips.
Employee perks and points
Employee official stores
Employee gifts

Turn your key talents into brand advocates

Power your employee advocacy program and reward them for it!
Referral program: Employee get employee
Affiliate program: Employee get customers
Company-associated social sharing

Gain insights and identify opportunities through intuitive dashboard

Tada’s interactive and user-friendly dashboard with a clear online data analysis, enabling you to extract actionable insights, identify patterns, and find improvement opportunities.

Receive real-time employee insights
Automated employee communication
Through your preferred channels; email, SMS, push notification or Whatsapp
Systematic survey and feedback management

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