Innovative Gift Card Solution

Most traditional gift cards give their users one-time benefit, thus do not help in retaining customers nor help in recruiting an advocate for your business. After all, one-time experience is like judging a book by its cover! 

As the leading gift card provider company, we would like to offer you an enhanced gift card solution, called the subscription gift card.
No obligation to join, just a friendly chat about ways you can retain more of your customers through subscription

What is subscription gift card?

There are various subscription gift card models. The easiest way to explain a subscription program is to give examples, click below to explore subscription models currently used by various global companies.


Subscription, Made Simple: Introducing Subscription Templates

Run your subscription programs. We've prepared for you subscription templates inspired by great companies, like Amazon, Uber and Lyft. Or you can also create your very own custom program! Just plug and play.

Discount Model

Inspired by 

Coupon Bundling Model

Inspired by

Monthly Benefit Model

Inspired by

Free Shipping Model

Inspired by 

Priority Pass Model

Inspired by

Custom Build Your Own

Inspired by 


Why subscription gift card?

Subscription gift cards help groom loyal customers. An initial investment would encourage customers to come back over a period of time. If your product or service is great, the customers will still come back after the subscription end, most probably to renew their subscription. Loyal and happy customers are great advocates! They will tell their friends and bring a snowball effect to your business.

Subscription VS regular Gift Card



Cash upfront
Customer acquisition
Encourage repeat 
purchases / visits
Higher referral possibility
Auto-recurring payment

Do not know where to start? We can help!

Custom Everything

We provide design and program templates so it's easy to create your customized company subscription gift card. Make it look and work the way you want it!
Choose a template for a program that is relevant to your business
Custom the design to suit your brand
Finish these simple steps and you are ready to go 

Easy Distribution and Redemption

Fully automated subscription gift card delivery via email or links that can be shared via social media and messaging apps.
Gift card email or link can be shared easily on messages or social media 
Gift cards can be accepted in stores or online

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Referral Option

Incentivize you customer to be an advocate 
by referring your product / service to their friends
Turn customers into your brand advocates
Increase brand awareness and word-of-mouth sales
Incentivise customers to share your content online

Customer Analytics & Insights

Get deep insights into how your subscription gift card is performing - with dashboard, analytics and marketing automation.
Collect and view customer data to understand and target your customers better
Analyze buying and redemption pattern
Send targeted promotions via email, SMS & push notifications

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