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Create Digital Loyalty Program Easily Within Days!

No need to develop your own complex software!
Create your own app or integrate our platform with your website, your existing app
Seamless across offline, online or social commerce channels
Scalable to your business size

Digital Loyalty and Membership

Create membership tiering that motivate customers to spend more and earn better rewards.
Encourage repeat purchases
Increase your average customer spend
Hear feedback and reviews from customers

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Referrals From Customers

Incentivise customers to refer their friends and family to your brand and watch your revenues soar!
Turn customers into your brand advocates
Increase brand awareness 
Increase sales via word of mouth 
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  • refer to customer

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Customer Analytics & Insights

Get insights into your loyalty program performance - with dashboard, analytics and marketing automation.
Understand and target your customers better with data-backed insights
Compare various sales channels' performance
Send targeted promotions via email, SMS & push notifications

Fully Integrated with Platforms Used by Most Businesses to Enhnace Your Loyalty Program

See how Haircode increased customer loyalty with TADA

Why Leading Brands Choose TADA

Gained 33,800 loyal members in just 9 months
Saw a significant boost in revenue after launching
Digital reward redemptions increase 2 times
300.000 members acquired in first 3 months
430.000 redemptions in less than 3 years

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