End to End Customer Loyalty Program

Build customer retention, increase repeat businesses and revenue! Create your own loyalty program for your customers, channel partners, or employees.
Reward them for every stage of their journey with our best loyalty rewards programs
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Omnichannel Loyalty Program

Tada’s online loyalty platform allows you to develop seamless and integrated customer loyalty programs across your omnichannel marketplace.
Capture and analyze your loyal customers database to support your omnichannel marketing
Motivate your customers or sales channel with loyalty incentive programs
Create customer retention activities across offline and online marketplaces

Loyalty Point, Commission, or Cashback

Engage customers, distributors, or employees with Tada's loyalty points management system
Create your own loyalty app with our white label loyalty platform
Build an attractive customer retention program using a loyalty point, commission, or cashback
Motivate their performance with an extensive rewards catalog

Create your own referral program and reseller program

Tada’s online loyalty platform helps you to make your loyal customers or sales channel feel appreciated and refer your brand to their family and friends.
Easy to set up referral program and reseller program within the loyalty app
Transparent rewards and commissions distribution per successful referral

Gain insights and identify opportunities through intuitive dashboard

Tada’s interactive and user-friendly dashboard with a clear online data analysis, enabling you to extract actionable insights, identify patterns, and find improvement opportunities.
Understand and target your customers better with data-backed insights
Compare various sales channels' performance
Manage targeted promotions via email, SMS & push notifications

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