Add a virtual franchise program to your business today to survive this crisis and increase your revenue!..

This pandemic causes many businesses to rethink their business model. Begin your virtual franchise program now to increase your sales, even in crisis, and create a new stream of income by mobilizing your most loyal customers. Find out more on how your business can easily create, grow and track your own Virtual Franchise program.

What is Virtual Franchise?

Virtual Franchise is a program where a brand recruits resellers as franchisees through an app. Franchisees would market, sell your product, and recruit new franchisees to increase their commission earnings. This program can be executed almost immediately, anywhere, and brings in new sales from a new channel that has not been previously explored.

Successful Case Study

Introducing KFC Virtual Pocket Franchise - a virtual KFC Stores. All across China, anyone with a phone could open a KFC Pocket Store. The platform is equipped with ordering, promotion, and discount features.
It successfully onboarded 2.5M of virtual franchisees within 10 months

Why Now?

Unemployment number is at record high, which means more people are looking for additional sources of income.
People are familiar with buying and selling through social media and so this method of social selling can be adopted very quickly.

How does Virtual Franchise Work?

Seamless set-up

Your program will be live in approximately 2 weeks. It can be integrated seamlessly to your apps or website. If you have neither, we’ll help you integrate with our platform.

Get franchisee

Recruit your reseller through our webpage and your various channels, such as social media or whatsapp group blast.

Get sales

Jump start your franchisee with attractive commission programs and promotions. Also, don’t forget to encourage them to recruit more franchisee.

Other Additional Features :

Various Tiering Options

Add customizable tiers in your program, so franchisees receive commissions and benefits according to their performance.

Inventory Management

Control your inventory online so that only products that are available are displayed in your catalogue.

Data Analysis

You will be equipped with a dashboard to manage, analyze data, send targeted marketing messages and track your income and payout.

Why Should You Develop a Virtual Franchise Program with Us?

Easy : Fast, easy and fully customizable design and commission program
Friendly : Stable and secure program, with friendly user interface
Digital Promotion : We help with promotion through digital channels
Scalable : Scalable and able to accommodate medium scale business to large scale enterprise
One stop solution : We help you get started, recruit franchisee, promote product, manage orders and deliveries, calculate and organize commission payout

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Launch a Virtual Franchise program

We’ll create a tailored virtual franchise program for your brand, according to your exact specifications. Depending on complexity, this can typically be up and running in days.

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