Feature 102: Create Push Notifications for your members

Using TADA dashboard, you will be able to connect with members using Campaigns features. Learns how to do Push Notifications to engage more deeply with your members. Drive Impact with Great Insight!

Push Notifications

This feature will allow you to send notifications directly to the member phone. How?

  • On the left sidebar, choose Campaign tab
  • Click Create Campaign and choose Push Notification
  • Complete your Push Notifications detail and click Continue
  • TADA! Push notifications successfully sent to members

Make it personal!

You can use {{NAME}} features to personalize email content when creating an email blast template. Simply type {{NAME}} and it will automatically mention the member name when they receive the email. Now you can greet everyone by their name using a single simple email template.


Redirect the message

When a push notification is clicked, it will redirect the users to a specific page that can be customized according to the brand needs, whether to Card detail, Referral page, Perks detail, or specific eVoucher, just click your wish and it will be granted.


Set the effective time

Do you want to send push notifications on the weekend, but have some personal matter to attend and have no access to your laptop? Don't worry. You can schedule the time according to your needs. The system will automatically send the message when the time comes. See the action below.


Choose who will receive your email

Wishing to send emails to members that are older than 50 years old? Or send to female members only? Or you want to send emails to all members with the name of "Budi"? It's simply one click away. All options are available in the filtering menu. Create the receiver criteria and it's done!


Utilize campaign features now to engage and build relationships with your members.

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