Feature 106: Official Member Store

Need a feature that enables you to sell products to your members digitally? With feature 107, we’ve got you covered! The Shop button will be available in members' cards which enable them to buy and pay in the digital store. You can customize the catalog and choose which product to sell, manage the inventory, and handle the delivery.

Enable Shop Button 

A button to shop can be activated in members' cards. Click to access your Official Member Store.


Multiple Payment Options

We've prepared multiple payment options ready to use, so that members may purchase your products quickly and easily. Choose the options that are suitable for you and let us do the work.


Process and Control Order in Dashboard

Check and manage the status of member's order from the dashboard. Any purchase will be stored in the "Order" tab in real-time. Deliver their purchase timely and provide excellent customer service to your members.


Want to activate this function?

Contact our Client Representative Team to activate the Official Member Store feature. Selling is never been easier. Drive Impact with Great Insight!