Features 109: Virtual Franchise! Make your member get new customer!

Have you ever heard that word-of-mouth is the most effective sales tool? With one of our features that we've prepared for you, the Member get Customer or Virtual Franchise feature, you can benefit from word-of-mouth sales effectiveness. This feature enables your members to sell products directly to their friends.

Imagine if 1 member sells to 3 friends, calculate how much additional revenue you can get from all of your members. Excited and ready to try? Hold on! Another good news is:

  1. All processes will be done digitally, meaning you can monitor it anywhere anytime!

  2. Payments will be directly sent to your account.
  3. Every purchase made will incentivise the seller and give a special price to the buyer.

This feature will convert your inner circle to be your agents. Now it looks even more exciting right? Contact our TADA Team and activate the feature now! Drive Impact with Great Insight!