Insight by TADA: How to login to dashboard?

Nice to have you on-board! Let's surf the depth of customer relations, engagement, and retention together using TADA as your database platform. As the first step of your journey using TADA, we present a comprehensive, real-time, and accurate dashboard to assist you in monitoring, analyzing, and making decisions for your business strategy. Drive Impact with Great Insight!

1. Please go to your browser and type this URL: dashboard.usetada.com

2. Type your email address (please use email address that receives this email) and type "123456" for your passwordScreen_Shot_2019-11-19_at_20.07.10.jpg

3. Create your new password and confirmScreen_Shot_2019-11-19_at_20.06.51.jpg

4. TADA! Now you've gained access to your own dashboard.

You can log in anytime to see the latest update of your member data. This insight can be viewed using a web browser or mobile apps  "Insight by TADA" that can be downloaded via Appstore/Playstore. Excited to learn more? Start your journey now!