Feature 104: Send Email Blast to your members

Using TADA dashboard, you can connect with members easily using Email Blast. Any information and promotion can be sent directly to their email to engage them directly. Drive Impact with Great Insight!

Email Blast

Engage members by sending email informing your latest promo and program. Here is how:

  1. On the left sidebar, choose Campaign tab
  2. Click Create Campaign and choose Email Blast
  3. Complete your Email detail and click Continue
  4. TADA! Email has been successfully sent to members

Make it personal!

You can use {{NAME}} placeholder to personalize email content when creating an email blast template. It is as simple as typing {{NAME}} and it will automatically mention a member's name when they receive the email. Welcome to the era of personalized email when you send one email to personally reach many members.


Choose who will receive your email

Wishing to send an email to members that are older than 50 years old? Or send it to female members only? Or send an email to all members named "Budi"? It's easy and only one click away. All that can be done through the filtering menu. Create recipient criteria and it's done!


Utilize email blast now to engage and build relationships with your members.

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