Features 110: Scan QR to add points!

What methods do you usually use to add points to members? Is it using the TADA Partner app or your POS system? Now we bring you a whole new way to add points. Yes, you right! Scan QR to add points! This feature will allow your customers to add their own points. This feature might be suitable for FMCG or businesses that does not sell products directly to the customers, such as producers that use the help of distributors to sell the products. Knowing who your buyer is always a challenge, however, this feature will enable you to know who your customers actually are. 


To take advantage of this feature, simply:

  • Print the QR Code on your product packaging
  • Ask Customer to download TADA - Wallet for Memberships apps
  • Scan the QR via Add Card Button
  • TADA! Points will be added straight to the Member Card

Excited to learn more? Contact our TADA Team to activate this feature now! Drive Impact with Great Insight!